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Every product we offer has a tremendous role in creating solutions to drive positive change by building better relationships between businesses and customers. Between healthcare departments and patients. Between governments and their citizens. Between people who want to make a notable impact.

GoSaaS provided Logitech with the integrative potential and architectural support services to fully experience the benefits offered by Oracle’s PLM Cloud platform. In turn, enabling Logitech to further strengthen its focus on product innovation and quality, necessary for the continuance of the company’s global reach.

GoSaaS team is proud of its contribution towards Glaukos’s mission of developing novel therapies for the treatment of glaucoma and other retinal diseases. We hope to see Glaukos excel in providing sophisticated and reliable treatment alternatives for patients worldwide.

For Unigen, GoSaaS has made a substantial contribution from the enterprise ideation to commercialization process. The enterprise’s increased infrastructure and unique quality-products will have a significant influence on the aerospace, communication, medical, surveillance, and all other industries that are impacted by Unigen’s industrial applications.

By moving Roche from a legacy system to a secure Cloud PLM platform, GoSaaS helped Roche develop new products faster. This enables Roche to further their mission of being a pioneer in healthcare and commit to making innovative medicines and diagnostics products that help millions of people globally.

 Our Success Stories

Motorola Solution goes live with GoSaaS’s EG&C

GoSaaS successfully implemented its Environmental Governance and Compliance (EG&C) solution for a global top tier company—Motorola Solutions to achieve product excellence.

GoSaaS Helps Facebook improve its data management

GoSaaS helped Facebook transform the way it managed hardware for its global data centers, helping to streamline processes for improved productivity.

GoSaaS Helps Glaukos to Accelerate its Product Development

GoSaaS implemented Oracle Product Development (PD) module for Glaukos, an ophthalmic medical company, to innovate smarter and faster.

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I am rewarded and recognized for good performance.


The project(s) I am a part of help me me grow professionally.

* The above figures accurately represent the results of an internal survey conducted

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Women in Tech

As an equal opportunity provider, we encourage all team members to unlock their true potential, and ensure that life at GoSaaS is inclusive of all. We celebrate the women at GoSaaS to achieve success with their talent and hardwork.

Striving for

Greatness in the Workplace

Value-driven culture:

We foster an environment that allows our team to thrive personally and professionally. We encourage a healthy work-life balance with true work flexibility because we care about the mental well-being of our team. 

Meaningful impact:

We help our team realize their potential by providing them a supportive work environment that enables them to innovate and excel. We advocate for open communication, a safe environment for risk taking, a constructive approach to feedback and a motivation to self-improve.

Investing in Employees:

We are always looking for new ways to develop new skills and capabilities in our team through comprehensive workshops, training, and mentorship. Moreover, we provide competitive benefits that reward good performance and value our employees’ well-being.

Diversity and inclusion:

We believe that a diverse workplace is an innovative workplace. We are committed to building an organization that seeks and embraces diversity and is not defined by race, ethnicity, religion, gender and age. Our differences are our strengths and we strive to ensure all voices are heard.

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