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GoSaaS helped Intel’s most innovative and fastest growing Silicon Photonics division launch products even faster

GoSaaS implemented Oracle Cloud PLM using Oracle Integration Cloud for Intel, a renowned semiconductor industry, helping them achieve a more collaborative and integrated business model. This, in turn, enables them to create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet.


GoSaaS helped Roche Diagnostics develop new products faster

GoSaaS assisted Roche, a leading pharmaceutical industry, to move from a legacy structure to a secure cloud PLM platform, thus reducing time to market, minimizing the risk of errors, improving collaboration and achieving many more business goals.

This enables Roche to further their mission of being a pioneer in healthcare and commit to making innovative medicines and diagnostics products that help millions of people globally.

Johnson & Johnson

GoSaaS helped Johson & Johnson achieve conformity with relevant regulations

GoSaaS helped Johson&Johnson, a top-tier medical device company, robotic surgery group to get FDA approval by helping compliance with regulations, enabling them to achieve responsible long-term business profitability.


GoSaaS helps Alcatel-lucent reach greater business agility with Oracle Agile PLM

GoSaaS designed a three-phased strategy to help Alcatel Lucent address its key business challenges and achieve greater enterprise speed, visibility and agility.


GoSaaS Implements Quality Solution for Iteris

GoSaaS implemented Oracle Quality Module for Iteris, a global leader in smart mobility infrastructure management, to ensure adherence to quality standards and achieve greater business agility.


GoSaaS Helps Unigen Innovate Faster

GoSaaS implemented Oracle Product Development (PD) and Quality module for Unigen, a leader in the design and manufacture of OEM memory, wired and wireless communication, enabling it to introduce innovations and partake in proactive quality-based improvements on an enterprise level.


GoSaaS Helps SambaNova to achieve better management & control of enterprise product record

GoSaaS implemented Oracle Product Development (PD) module for SambaNova Systems, a California based computing start-up, with the underlying aim of achieving secure management and control of the enterprise product record. It also improved productivity through better collaboration across teams throughout the product’s lifecycle.


GoSaaS Facilitates Marvell’s Product Record Management

GoSaaS implemented Agile Product Collaboration (PC) for Marvell, a semiconductor developer, with the objective to increase the pace of innovation and enable an across-the-board management and collaboration of product record information.

Charter Next Generation

Charter Next Generation Achieves Accelerated Product Development with GoSaaS

GoSaaS designed a robust strategy for Charter Next Generation, North America’s leading independent producer of high-performance, specialty films to solve their key challenges. GoSaaS-led deployment of Oracle Product Development gave Charter Next Generation comprehensive visibility into the evolution of its product(s) by allowing it to track product iterations. As a result of more effective and collaborative change management procedures, the client was able to decrease rework and reduce cycle times.